The philosophy behind trail blazing…

To “trailblaze” means to be a pioneer; to be the first to open or prepare a way. My mission at Trail Blazing Southwest is to do just that — to forge paths to one-of-a-kind experiences for adventurers looking to capture the spirit of freedom one only finds in the American West.

Meet Kirsten.

As a native to Arizona I’ve experienced nearly all the must-see tourist destinations in the American Southwest. Places like the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Horseshoe Bend, Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park (just to name a few). I enjoy exploring this region and always find something new to love about the Southwest. I particularly love discovering places off the beaten path, places where you’re less likely to encounter groups of tourists and can experience the raw beauty of the region in all it’s glory.

——KIRSTEN ALMQUIST Founder & Owner of Trail Blazing Southwest

What Makes Trail Blazing Southwest Different?

My trips are designed just for you.

As an Accredited Travel Agent, I have developed professional relationships with travel outfitters all across the American Southwest. Want to sleep in a traditional Navajo hogan and hear stories told by a member of the tribe? I can arrange that. Backpack through the Grand Canyon away from the tourist crowds? No problem. Your wish is my command.

My mission is simple.

I want my fellow “wanderlusters” to enjoy unique lodging experiences surrounded by the Southwest’s most beautiful landscapes, have access to exclusive outdoor adventures, and more importantly, come home feeling rejuvenated without troubling themselves with the details.

My niche is unique.

I create highly customized trip itineraries for free, independent travelers seeking one-of-a-kind experiences in places like Arizona, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, California and Nevada. I blaze trails and pioneer new paths to adventures that showcase the breathtaking beauty of the American Southwest.


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