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Tales of the American West stretch back to the days of Geronimo and Buffalo Bill. For many, The Great Frontier represents an age of pioneering and new beginnings. For others, it embodies a time of oppression, violence and suffering. For today’s enthusiasts, it provides an opportunity for knowledge, growth, and perhaps even healing.

The “Cowboy and Indian” narrative has been romanticized in films and novels for decades. But the truth is, both sides have a worthwhile story to tell.

The American frontier holds a mythic space in our imaginations. And because of that, it’s a place we envision more through the stories of the Wild West than through its actual history.

The real American frontier wasn’t always as dramatic as it’s made out to be in films, but it was a dangerous place, an untamed land. The settlers who traveled out West had to live in defiance of nature and the elements without the comforts of civilization.

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